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Port Lympne Animal Park
Nr Hythe
Kent CT21 4PD
Tel: 0870 750 4647

About Port Lympne Animal Park

Port Lympne Wild Animal Park is a bewitching family attraction located in Ashford, Kent, and it’s as popular as the Eurostar trains that speed along in the vicinity, and every bit as pioneering.
Port Lympne Wild Animal Park was opened to the public in 1976 and, in the following three decades or so, gained a worldwide reputation as a leading conservation institution at the cutting edge of innovation. The charitable organisation places equal emphasis in laying on a cracking family day out for everyone and the extensive 600-acre park welcomes visitors just about every day of the year.

Port Lympne Reserve nurtures around 90 rare and endangered species and has no fewer then 750 animals on display for the public. They include groups of chattering African Hunting Dogs and Asiatic Wild Dogs, the ‘buffalo’ of the cowboy era, which is actually the American Bison, packs of Canadian Timber Wolves, and hilarious Black and Gold Howler Monkeys, who are natural born entertainers and always amuse with their antics. Even more unusual are the Indian and Siberian Tigers – the biggest of all feline predators – the wily Lynx, the Malayan Tapir – with its trademark extended snout – the powerful Ocelot, fleet of foot Ostrich, the rare Red Panda, graceful Roan Antelope, cleverly camouflaged Snow Leopard and the awesome Water Buffalo.

Furthermore, Port Lympne Wild Animal Park boasts the biggest breeding herd of the very rare Black Rhinoceros outside the African plains, not to mention a group of Mountain Gorillas who are happy to let visitors on a family day out observe their lunchtime meal between noon and three. They live in The Palace Of The Apes, the world’s premier gorillarium, and if you have your picnic at the same time, you’ll have a restaurant view like no other!

The family attraction has numerous exotic species, among which are Agouti, Anoa, Banteng, Barasingha, Bongo, Caracal, Gaur, Javan Langur, Margay, Nilgai, Red Lechwe, Samango and Sambar. The park provides information about all of them, as well as the habitats in which they live, re-created at the family attraction, allowing them to behave as they would in their native environments, which makes Port Lympne Wild Animal Park a home from home.

Port Lympne Reserve renown as a top family day out is cemented by the magnificent Port Lympne Hotel, with its palatial chambers and burnished antique furnishings designed for Sir Philip Sassoon during World War I. It sits in 15 acres of stunning landscaped gardens, with corking vistas out over the Romney Marsh. The gardens are open to Port Lympne Wild Animal Park ticket holders and have welcomed royal visitors over the years, winning royal favour in the process!

Visitors can select one of several Safaris to bolster an already thrilling family day out, whether walking on foot through the parkland or traversing it in a landrover, in the early hours or at the end of the day, in an outing lasting 90 minutes or even the full day or overnight. Tailored packages are offered by Port Lympne Wild Animal Park and may include special catering, while The African Experience! features face to face contact with giraffes, zebras and Wildebeests and some incredible photo opportunities to snap the animals in their natural setting, but without the dangers of ebola or tarantulas! Visitors may even sleep at the Livingstone Safari Lodge or the new luxurious Treehouse Hotel, dropping off to the sounds of the bush and its many residents.

Additionally, a ticket to Port Lympne Reserve gives visitors the chance to view any new animal births, some of the latest having included Barbary Lion cubs and African Hunting Dogs, not to mention various rare and endangered species which are on display in the enclosures. The role of conservation at Port Lympne Wild Animal Park is central to its mission statement, along with providing visitors a captivating family day out. And Port Lympne Wild Animal Park is a global leader in conservation issues, as well as a ground-breaking family attraction, having successfully returned several Przewalski’s horses, Sumatran rhinos, Cape buffalo, ocelots, pythons and gorillas back to the wild.
As a top-rated family attraction, Port Lympne Wild Animal Park featured in TV’s Roar series in 2006-07 and, in March/April 2008, Port Lympne Reserve hosted Recruitment Fairs that allowed visitors to extend their family day by signing on for duty at the park! Indeed, ticket holders can chat with staff and find out more about the workings of the estate, and a ticket also takes in the Adopt An Animal and Totallywild Challenge programmes, plus the restaurant, refreshment kiosks, picnic areas, gift shops, an adventure playground and a maze. It adds up to a multifaceted family attraction that later this year adds the Treejumpers aerial walkway, boosting an already grand family day out.

A visit to Port Lympne Wild Animal Park should last for around 3-5 hours, furnishing a relaxing, exciting and spellbinding family day out. It’s a great family attraction to visit even if the weather turns, indoor aspects including daily Keeper talks, the Park Hopper service, an Education centre and regular special events flagged up by Port Lympne Wild Animal Park’s website. Further, a ticket allows free parking, there are toilets dotted all over the park, and even weddings and private functions to take a nose at!

A Port Lympne Wild Animal Park ticket additionally offers reduced admission for less-able guests and there are routes for wheelchairs, bolstering this fine family day out.